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ECW3301 Case Studies in International Trade Assignment Answers

1. Choose one country from the ASEAN and indicate its major trading partners (top 5)? Is China one of the top major trading partners? 2. How does the success and prosperity of China benefit (just two is sufficient) your chosen country? Elaborate. 3. What were the trade intervention policies imposed by your chosen country prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in strengthening the bilateral trade relationship […]

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COVID-19 and Trade in SSA: Impacts and Policy Response Assessment Answers

COVID-19 and Trade in SSA: Impacts and Policy Response “COVID-19 will have a severe economic impact in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trade is the Key Channel The COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a public health crisis. However, measures adopted to curtail the spread of the virus have led to a sharp contraction of the global economy and an even larger decline in global trade, with significant […]

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