1. Choose one country from the ASEAN and indicate its major trading partners (top 5)? Is China one of the top major trading partners?

2. How does the success and prosperity of China benefit (just two is sufficient) your chosen country? Elaborate.

3. What were the trade intervention policies imposed by your chosen country prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in strengthening the bilateral trade relationship with China?

4. Has the trade relationship changed after implementing trade intervention policies? Which product/sector is most affected?

5. Has the trade relationship changed after the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answers to Above Questions on International Trade

Answer 1: The country that is selected from the ASEAN is Thailand. An analysis of the major partners of the selected country indicates that there are many such partners with which Thailand performs trade. Some of these include China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and India. The success and prosperity of China would significantly benefit Thailand in a number of ways. These include trade and economic opportunities, enhancement in tourism in Thailand and many such ways.

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