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Digital Marketing Professional Assignment Answers

Conduct some internet research on the characteristics and behaviour of female gamers, and use this secondary research, as well as the research results provided in the above scenario to develop a customer persona of your target audience for the All for One product (i.e. female gamers, aged 13-25). Make sure your customer persona includes the following information or elements: ● The persona: Include a name […]

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HMKT330-1 Marketing Management 3 Assignment Answers

As the newly appointed Marketing Manager of TruCape, your first task is to assess the use of direct marketing as a strategy to increase your digital footprint. Write a report discussing the three (3) principles that TruCape must consider before using mobile devices for direct marketing. You are encouraged to source any reputable sources to assist with your report aside from the three compulsory sources […]

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MKT6124 Digital Marketing Assignment Answers

1. A new gardening tool start-up company is looking to embrace digital marketing to reach out and expand its business. Evaluate 4 social media platforms and justify how they would be able to create marketing impact for the business. (25 marks) 2. Evaluate challenges in customer engagement in digital marketing; and determine how Lazada can manage their customers’ expectations without personal contact. (25 marks) 3. […]

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International Marketing Management Assignment Answers

Effective digital marketing involves providing superior online value to customers through the creation of a digital value proposition that matches customer values. Creating an international digital value proposition is far more complex than creating a local value proposition. Using appropriate marketing concepts/models, investigate the perceived customer value of AIRBNB, addressing the following areas: Using suitable models, identify the customer perceived value for the customers of […]

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