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Computer Literacy Advanced (HCLT108-1) Assignment Answers

Question 1 [28] A month ago, your friend, Nina, opened a baby wholesale clothing shop. She has been recording sales in a notebook entitled “Daily Sales.” With no detailed records, she cannot tell which types of clothing are making a profit and which are not. Nina is worried the business might be making a loss and has purchased a laptop to monitor and keep her […]

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Computer Literacy AI (HCLT106-1) Assignment Answers

Question 1 [28 marks] Summarise digitisation and digitalisation, highlighting their differences and providing relevant examples. (15 marks) Identify and describe the aspect of technological advancement that has evolved how we live our daily lives at home and work. (13 marks) Question 2 [16 marks] You are a Systems administrator, and a client from an up-and-coming organisation enquires about Big data. Summarise what Big data is […]

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