Question 1 [28]
A month ago, your friend, Nina, opened a baby wholesale clothing shop. She has been recording sales in a notebook entitled “Daily Sales.” With no detailed records, she cannot tell which types of clothing are making a profit and which are not. Nina is worried the business might be making a loss and has purchased a laptop to monitor and keep her sales records. You have decided to showcase your skills using visualisations to analyse the provided sales data. Below is the data from the “Daily Sales” book. Each record constitutes a sales invoice.
11 baby jumpsuits sold at R90 each 202 girls dresses at R165 each
162 boys’ jeans at R175 each 19 girls’ jeans at R140 each
106 wrapping towels at R250 each 308 baby shoes at R80 each
160 baby monitors at R560 each 190 baby bottles at R70 each
Create a spreadsheet with the provided information. (3 marks)

Arrange the clothing types in ascending order (2 marks)

Calculate total quantities of clothing sold in the month. (2 marks)

Calculate the sales realised by Nina’s shop from the provided records. (4 marks)

You realise that Nina offers no promotional discounts to customers to improve customer traffic and sales. If applied, you have decided to show her how discounts will affect her sales.

What would be the total discount if a 5 % discount is applied to each sales invoice?(4 marks)

If a 5% discount is applied on each sales invoice, what total sales would the company have realised? (4 marks)

If Nina had implemented a 5% discount policy on only sales invoices above R25 000, answer the following.

What is the discount value for sales above R25 000? (3 marks)

Determine the total sales after the 5% discount is applied? (3 marks)

Create a bar chart for the clothing quantities sold. Include quantities sold as data labels. (3 marks)

Question 2 [16]

A local heavy-duty machinery company has four sales representatives covering the country’s provinces. Below are the sales records of one of the representatives working in the Western Cape province. Present a report to management on his sales performance by answering the following questions.

Create a spreadsheet with the provided data. (2 marks)

Calculate the sales from each product category and the total sales achieved by the sales representative. (3 marks)
Arrange the product categories in ascending order. (2 marks)

Create a column chart showing the sales for each product category. Include total sales for each category as data labels. (3 marks)
Show the product sales by product category in a pie chart. Include total sales for each category as data labels. (3 marks)

Create a doughnut chart for the machinery sales from this sales representative. Include total sales percentages as data labels. (3 marks)
Question 3 (6 marks)

At an entrepreneurial event you recently attended, investment was one of the critical topics. You intend to take the initiative and invest R2 000 at the end of each month for ten (10) years to buy your first rental property. If the interest on your investment is 8% per annum, how much should you have at the end of 10 years? (3 marks)

You can also take a home loan valued at R750 000 to start your property rental business. The interest on the loan is 12% per annum, and the repayment period is 20 years. Calculate your monthly repayment amount. (3 marks)

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