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Commercial Law 1 (HLWC1181) Assignment Answers

Question 1 (15 marks) For each of the following statements below, indicate whether it is true or false and provide a justification for your answer: Magistrate’s Courts are the highest level of court in South Africa. (3 marks) The Constitutional Court is the highest court in South Africa for specifically for constitutional matters. ( 3 marks) The Regional Court has jurisdiction over claims between R200,000 […]

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Commercial Law Assignment Answers

QUESTION ONE [20] Critically Analyse the different Forms of Business Enterprises. QUESTION TWO [35] Which four entities are classified as profit companies and what are their characteristics? QUESTION THREE [35] 3.1 Model your understanding of Pre-incorporation Contracts with reference to relevant law. (17) 3.2 Discuss the Right of Pre-emption with reference to relevant legislation. (18) QUESTION FOUR [10] Differentiate between Amendment Acts and Regulation. Answers […]

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HLWC1181 Commercial Law Assignment Answers

Question 1 (10 marks) Explain the history of the South African legal system prior to colonisation and the introduction of the Roman Dutch law. Question 2 (19 marks) Read the fictitious scenario below and answer the questions that follow: Gilbert and Paulus are colleagues and directors of a company (of which you are required to be a major to hold office as a director). Gilbert […]

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