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Financial Reporting and Analysis Assessment Answers

Question 1: The trial balance, adjustments and additional information given below were extracted from the accounting records of Whetstone Stores on 28 February 2022, the end of the financial year. WHETSTONE STORES PRE-ADJUSTMENT TRIAL BALANCE AS AT 28 FEBRUARY 2022   Debit (R) Credit (R) Balance sheet accounts section     Capital   3 759 100 Drawings 310 000   Land and buildings 2 840 […]

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Fundamentals of Accounting 511 Assignment Answers

Question 1:  The following transactions entered into by XYZ Ltd for the year ended 31 December 2017: R18 000 was paid for rent expense for the period of 1 March 2017 to 28 February The monthly payments were constant throughout this period. Wages and salaries for 2 months are outstanding, R2 000 is paid monthly for wages and XYZ LTD received a 6-month cleaning service […]

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FACC 512 – Fundamentals of Accounting Assignment Answers

Question One The following information relates to Stimulus Traders: Balance at 31 December 2012 R Trading inventories on 01 January 2012 15 000 Trading inventories on 31 December 2012 12 000 Inventory of stationary on 31 December 2012 1 500 Sales 166 000 Purchase 90 000 Sales Returns 3 000 Purchases Returns 5 500 Freight on purchases 3 000 Freight on sales 10 000 Import […]

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PEMT 2143 – Material Costing Assignment Answers

QUESTION 1  Comel Bhd is a company that buys and sells computers. On 1 June 2013 it had 200 unsold computers in stock, each valued at RM800. During June, the company received deliveries as follows:   Date Number of computers received Unit cost Market price 9 100 RM900 RM 1,000 18 200 RM1,000 RM 1,200 22 100 RM1,100 RM 1,300 Also in June, the sales […]

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BUS304 – Accounting Theory and Accountability Assignment Answers

You are required to analyse a company’s Corporate Governance Report and Sustainability report (Most Singapore Exchange (SGX) top listing companies produce a Corporate Governance report and Sustainability report). Your selected company must be listed on the SGX top 200 lists. The length of the assignment would be 1500-2000 words. The format of the assignment is down to your style of analytical writing, and research efforts; […]

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