Question 1 [19]

1.1 What are the three basic factors you would consider for poultry housing? (3)

1.2 What are the two methods used for assessing egg quality? (2)

1.3 What are the two types of intensive systems used when poultry is kept indoors?

Give a brief description of each. (7)

1.4 Good hygiene is one of the most important preventive measures that can be applied in controlling poultry diseases. How would you be able to control the diseases in poultry? (7)

Question 2 [22]

2.1 Discuss what should be taken into consideration before farming with pigs in South Africa. (5)

2.2 Describe the different oestrus cycles of sows. (6)

2.3 Briefly discuss the criteria which should apply if a sow is being selected for breeding purposes. (11)

Question 3 [16]
3.1 The conformation of a horses is not only important when selecting for breeding but also for show horses. What would you assess on the horses front legs, pasterns and hooves when evaluating a horses conformation? (8)
3.2 List the different types of breeding commonly used in horse farming. (6)

3.3 What is the importance of disposition and temperament when breeding with horses? (2)

Question 4 [12]

4.1 Briefly discuss how a game farmer can manage his game population. (9)

4.2 What are the major requirements that are necessary for wild animals to thrive in the wild? (3)

Question 5 [11]

5.1 Aquaculture farming is a small farming enterprise in South Africa; list the different types of farming. (3)
5.2 Which fish species are most common to farm with? (5)

5.3 Trout fingerlings are raised for different purposes, list these purposes. (3)

Answers to Above Questions on Poultry Housing

Answer 1: The basic factors that will be considered in case of poultry housing are the consideration for space and layout, adequate ventilation and temperature control, and proper sanitation and disease control measures in order to prevent the spread of diseases among the flock.

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