Question 1:

What is Bureaucracy and How It Works, With Examples:

The term bureaucracy refers to a complex organization that has multilayered systems and processes. The systems and processes that are put in place effectively make decision-making slow. They are designed to maintain uniformity and control within the organization.
A bureaucracy describes the methods that are commonly established in governments and large organizations, such as corporations. A bureaucracy is pivotal in the administration of the entity’s rules and regulations.
You are an Industrial Psychologist recently recruited by a large multi-national enterprise, setting up a South African subsidiary. Your role is to help provide guidance on constructing an efficient and rational way in which to structure the workforce bureaucratically. Elaborate on the following:
• Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a bureaucratic management style.
• Discuss workplace situations where beaucracy can be implemented to achieve organisational goals.

Answers to Above Questions on Bureaucracy

Answer 1: Bureaucratic style of management is an important style that has significant advantages especially for industrial psychologists. It is important to understand the advantages of this style in order to structure the workforce bureaucratically. The main advantage of this style of managing employees is that it helps in achieving consistency in terms of applying rules and regulations in managing employees. It is also advantageous to apply this style of management in order to achieve accountability among employees with respect to their actions.

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