In the year 2025, a company called “Technowize” in South Africa adopted the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in its production process. The company is considering introducing smart machines and automated systems to collect and analyse data in real-time to optimise production and reduce waste.

The company requires new employees and needs the existing employees to attend training programs to help them adapt to new technologies and develop new skills. The manager sees resistance from the workers who fear the new technologies will replace their jobs. Closer to understanding the machines, they realise it enables them to work efficiently and safely. Therefore the 4IR considered in Technowize reduced waste and increased productivity. The workers are supposed to continuously learn and adapt to new technologies as the challenges remain for workers to adapt; the technologies could fail or be hacked, so it’s better to be prepared for any obstacles. Technowize is looking for a group of interns to assist with a chatbot that can improve AI-powered customer service, which can increase satisfaction. This also allows employees to have a sufficient amount of online presence if wanting to progress further into their careers.

QUESTION 1 (15 Marks)

Imagine you are the manager, and you are trying to understand the importance of hiring young individuals who are willing to learn. After interviewing potential interns, you recognised several skills and competencies crucial for young South Africans in Technowize.

List four (4) essential workplace skills required to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, specifically tailored to Technowize as a company, with a focus on young South Africans. (4 marks)

As the manager of Technowize, you are aware of the skills that Technowize requires, which are essential to creating workplace diversity.

In your own words, define the importance of workplace diversity in the Technowize Company. (2 marks)

Identify and discuss three (3) ways in which invasion of privacy within Technowize presents risks and benefits, contributing to the company’s competitive advantage over its rivals. (9 marks)

Question 2

27 March 2023
Technowize is looking for graduates to join their business to work on a project which will improve Technowize Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered customer service chatbot. Providing outstanding leadership, outstanding customer service, and willingness to learn to incorporate their ideas and understanding into Technowize.

Locate: Sandton, 101
Remuneration: Starting salary R10 000p/m Commencement date: 01 November 2023

Minimum Requirements:
 Proven track of qualification
 Six (6) months of experience
 Must be able to generate ideas and knowledge
 Must be able to travel
 Must have excellent personal skills

Looking at the skills in the above advertisement, compile a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) that you would submit when applying for the advertised position. (15 marks)

Question 3

Technowize wants you to create a profile on Linkedin, to establish your presence in the tech community and enhance your career prospects with potential employers. This platform serves as a primary means to develop your professional network, advance your career, and explore new opportunities.

Ensure you include the following:
 Professional profile
 Introduction ( Name, surname, Headline, Current position, education, country/ region, Zip Code, Locations within this area, industry, Contact info)
 About
 Background ( Work Experience, Education, Licensed & Certification, Volunteer Experience) – If currently unemployed, create this section use an upcoming graduate/internship opportunity]
 Skills
 Accomplishments
 Additional information (Recommendations)

 Follow at least two companies in your study field
 Compile and publish one exciting post related to your field of study

Answer to Above Question on Technowize

Answer 1: Workplace skills are highly essential for every individual working in an organisation to perform their roles and responsibilities in an efficient way. In the given case scenario of Fourth industrial revolution, the four important workplace skills that are required for the South African to perform well in their job are ability to adapt to any working environment and a continuous learning approach, proficiency in digitalisation and ability to work over technology, critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as ability to work in team and good communication skills.

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