It is almost two years since Rapid Builders & Contractors vacated a construction site meant for building a R68-million clinic in New Eersterust, Hammanskraal, Pretoria. Residents have now turned the site into a dumping area. There is confusion about why the project stopped, according to GroundUp. The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) awarded Rapid Builders the tender on 30 November 2016. What was supposed to have been an 11-month project came to a halt in September 2019 as disputes among members of the project committee and business forums saw the contractor vacate the area. This is according to GDID spokesperson Bongiwe Gambu.”The contractor voluntarily left the site citing the involvement of business forums on the project as an issue,” Gambu said. When GroundUp visited the site recently, residents had started using it as a dumping site. The fence that had barricaded the area was no longer there, but a construction site sign remained, indicating Rapid Builders as the contractor. Gambu said 15% of the budgeted funds have been used. Early last year, Rapid Builders project manager Shane Govindasamy told GroundUp they would not successfully complete the work due to constant interruptions by the community.

“The situation was out of control. The community didn’t allow us to work. When we brought our own machinery on-site, they wanted to bring their own. They wouldn’t allow us to work for three days straight. They would protest because they wanted a slice of the cake,” he said at the time. It is common that so-called “business forums” try to get in on the action when new large developments are started. This makes it hard for legitimate companies, especially ones that do not wish to pay what they may see as bribes, to finish developments. Previously, we failed to locate the business forums in question but recently tracked down the project’s Community Liaison Officer Isaac Komane, as well as Meyer Mtshweni, the New Eersterust business forum chairperson.

According to Komane, before work began, he received submissions from residents wishing to offer various services at the project. Those who dealt with construction machinery were welcome to outsource if they didn’t have their own. But then it appears things became chaotic. “Different groups started coming up,” he said. “I had lists of local businesses from the community that had submitted but people bringing machinery weren’t on my list. The groups were against each other. One group would bring a machine. Another group would object and come with theirs, which caused conflict,” said Komane. He said the contractors would often find themselves without equipment to perform their duties, which would halt the process for days and sometimes weeks.

“A site manager in 2019 said he couldn’t work that way. Because of constant disagreements, they sometimes worked… one day a week.” Asked about the business forums in the community, Komane said “business forum” was just a name. Resident and street vendor Dinah Mafodi said most of the residents had no idea what was happening with the project and why it had stopped. “We saw construction vehicles stationed at the site and we were excited that finally another clinic was going to be built. This area grew larger and a new clinic would surely assist those that do not live near the current clinic,” said Mafodi. Naledi Dube, also a resident, said: “We have never had any formal communication regarding the clinic. These are just rumours we heard. We also heard that the clinic was going to operate 24 hours. That was going to be a relief because if a family member gets sick, then we wouldn’t have to go far.”


The R68-million clinic project faced several challenges which potentially would have affected its quality upon completion. Critically discuss the quality related challenges that Shane Govindasamy was exposed to during project implementation.


With reference to the case study provided critically discuss the elements that Rapid Builders & Contractors would have considered in putting together their project quality management plan.

Answers to Above Question on Project Management

Answer 1: Quality management is highly essential in every type of project. In the given case study on Rapid Builders and contractors, it is evaluated that there are significant changes related to quality management being faced by the company. Some of these challenges are inadequate planning with respect to project activities, poor communication throughout the project, limited resources, no specific standard to measure the quality level etc.


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