Question 1          (Marks: 5)

All items contain a Bill of Materials (BOM) structure also known as a product tree structure. BOM is a list that contains all the items needed to build one (1) item of a finished product.

Explain why it is important for Jaguar to have an accurate BOM structure for their new Jaguar S- Type Jaguar.

Note: You are required to provide relevant theory as well as apply it to the case study.

Question 2          (Marks: 15)

Even though the MRP system is computerised, people can undertake the computation necessary for the system.

Discuss the six system aspects and or terminology of the MRP system.

Question 3          (Marks: 20)

Q.3.1 In an organisation like Jaguar, there are various types of capacity measurements

available. In your own words, summarise the five types of capacity measurements available to Jaguar. (10)

Q.3.2 Several factors influence effective capacity. In relation to Jaguar, identify what factors would influence effective capacity.              (10)

Question 4 (Marks: 20)

Q.4.1 Dr. Eli Goldratt (2000) indicated to reduce the complexities of planning companies should use the theory of Constraints (TOC).

Discuss the five (5) steps of the Theory of Constraints and apply each to a simulation/assumption of a constraint impacting Jaguar.  (10)

Q.4.2 The main aim of aggregate planning is to minimise the cost of production. The assumption made by the planners is that demand is static or fixed or at least that the demand forecast is given. For this reason, it is assumed that plans do not need to be changed or moderated however managers realise that all plans incur costs.

Fully discuss any five (5) costs prevalent in aggregate planning at Jaguar.               (10)

Question 5 (Marks: 40)

Q.5.1 A company like Jaguar would experience social and economic challenges; one of which is globalisation as Jaguar competes on a global scale.

Advise the new junior salesman as to what globalisation is.          (5)

Q.5.2 Why do bottlenecks occur at Jaguar? The main reason is that the work centre at which the bottleneck forms, has less capacity than the work centre before and after it.

Advise Jaguar of methodologies that are available to deal with bottlenecks and which one you believe is the best choice.

You are required to:

  • Outline the types of methodologies available.
  • Identified a preferred choice.
  • Justify your preferred choice by discussing at least 2 key points. (10)

Q.5.3 Analyse green manufacturing within the context of Jaguar. Your analysis must include, but is not limited to:

  • Discuss any two (2) key points as to what Green manufacturing is?
  • State whether you think that Jaguar has implemented Green manufacturing.
  • Provide examples from the case study to support your answer/stance. (10)

Q.5.4 It is clear that Jaguar practices responsibility toward the environment.

Using your knowledge gained from this Jaguar case study and further research, provide five (5) examples of how Jaguar is practicing responsibility towards the environment.


  • You are required to explain what it means to be environmentally responsible.
  • Provide at least 5 relevant examples in relation to Jaguar. (15)

Answers to Above Questions on Bill of Material

Answer 1: A bill of material is defined as the data that identifies the items or raw materials required in order to produce a particular thing. It is also known as product tree structure whereby all the items needed in preparing the product are listed out. In the given case scenario of Jaguar, a bill of material could be quite useful in preparing the new Jaguar S type Jaguar. The important items that will be included in the bill of material structure are ……

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