While the unions demand a 7% increase, SARS offered to channel its savings from 2021 towards salaries. Unions rejected this, saying it would only add up to a 1.3% increase, while SARS maintains that it could not afford the 7% increase without further funding.

Considering the scenario above, write a research proposal focusing on the dynamics among the role players in salaries negotiation.

Your research proposal must be structured as follows:

1.1 Propose a research title and write the background of the study as well as the research


1.2 Formulate FIVE (5) relevant research objectives and FIVE (5) research questions. (20)
1.3 Write the literature review section by citing a minimum of TEN (10) recent sources. (20)
1.4 Describe the research methodology and design and justify why it is appropriate to the study. (20)
1.5 Provide the overall significance of the study. (10)
1.6 References may include textbooks, journal articles and internet sources that are relevant

to your field of study.


Answers on the Above Proposal

An analysis of the role played by Sars and Unions in salary negotiation

The task of salary negotiation is highly complex because it requires mutual understanding and cooperation between parties involved. The given research proposal is aimed at analysing the issue of salary negotiation between South African revenue service (SARS) and the union representing its employees. In relation to this, the research questions and the main objectives that will be accomplished from the given research are indicated below:


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