Task 1 (40)

Understanding the Concept of “Family.”

This task aims to define and reflect on the concept of “family,” to reflect on personal experiences and beliefs related to family, and to consider the diversity of family structure and how they shape individuals and communities.
Write a short essay on “family” that’s at least 500 words. Discuss what family means to you and include the following in your discussion.

1. Explain your understanding of the term “family” and discuss four different types of families. (14)
2. Provide three different explanations of the term “family” and reference them correctly. (9)
3. Summarise what you’ve learned from each of the quotes/terms you provided based on your understanding. (6)
4. Discuss how the community affects and shapes your family and reflect on how the presence of other family members influences its structure. (6)
5. Explore how family shapes an individual’s cultural identity, regardless of whether it stems from tradition or non-biological relationships. (5)

Task 2 (40)

1. Discuss the importance of clans within African communities and their connection to social identity and cultural values. (10)
2. Explain the importance of “isithakazelo” (clan names) in Zulu culture and their connection to social identity and cultural values. (8)
3. Describe the concept of “direto” (greeting/praise names) within Northern Sotho clans and
their importance in shaping personal identity and interpersonal connections. (10)
4. Investigate the function of neighbours and communities within African societies, focusing on communal connections, mutual support, and promoting social unity. (12)

Task 3 (20)

Read the sub-section 3.8 under cultural ceremonies and occasions and respond to the following questions:

1. Explain the importance of marriage in traditional African cultures, emphasising the communal nature and the involvement of families in the matrimonial proceedings. (10)
2. Discuss how marriage ceremonies have changed in African societies, considering the traditional practices and how they have adapted to modern ways of life. (10)

Answers on Above Questions on Family

Answer 1: A family is defined as a group of two or more people that have a direct association in terms of blood and all the members live together. The love between all the members of the family is unconditional, and all the members are bonded by shared experiences, values and commitments towards each other.

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