WATCH: ‘Unacceptable behaviour’ – woman tries to kiss Siya Kolisi during East London trophy tour

South Africa’s flanker and captain Siya Kolisi takes a selfie with Springboks supporters during the Springboks Champions trophy tour in Cape Town. Picture: Rodger Bosch / AFP

Published Nov 6, 2023
We’ve heard many women say that if they could date any of the Springboks, it would be Siya Kolisi.
But this woman clearly wanted more than just a date from the South African rugby team’s captain. On Sunday afternoon, a video of a woman trying to kiss Kolisi surfaced and soon went viral.
The Bokke, who have been doing their celebratory Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour since they got back from France, ended their tour in East London.
As in the other cities – Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban – the rugby champs were welcomed by thousands of fans who lined the streets to catch a glimpse of their heroes as they made their way through various areas.
The tour ended at the city hall where, as he got off the bus, a woman ran up to Kolisi and almost jumped on top of him to try and plant a kiss on him.
In the video clip, that has been plastered all over X, one can clearly see the captain push her away as soon as she got close to him. The police escorts quickly stepped in and pulled her away from him.
Many X users responded and reposted the video, with some people finding it amusing while many considered it harassment.

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With reference to the above case. Explain and define the definitions with application to Siya Kolisi as a brand. Your answer should address the following;
• In terms of Siya Kolisi and the attack he endured, which parties can be viewed as accountable for the actions mentioned?
• Which parties could be held responsible for the attack?
• In terms of power, explain how Siya Kolisi used his power responsibly.


Expand further on what social responsibility is, and why it is important. Provide application with reference to the Springbok team and Siya Kolisi as a brand. Include research on initiatives the Springboks team are involved as well as those Siya Kolisi may be involved in as well as their iintended outcome.

Answers to Above Case Study Questions

Answer 1: The concept of brand is defined as the unique identity of a product, service or a person in the mind of the end consumer. In the given case scenario, it is evaluated that Siya Kolisi has a significant brand image as a rugby player, and it is the personal attribute of Siya that helped in creating the brand image of a player in the eyes of everyone including fans, sponsors and the public.


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