Community Based Tourism Development 

Find a community-based tourism development project/initiative in Southern Africa and present your findings in the form of an essay which covers the following questions:
i. Based on literature, what is Community Based Tourism?
ii. What is the historical background of the project/initiative?
iii. How and to what extent is the local community involved in the project/initiative?
iv. How is the local community benefitting from the project/initiative?
v. To what extent does this project/initiative apply the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism development?
vi. What are the challenges faced by this project/initiative (at least three) and what possible solutions can you present to the project developers?
Answers to Above Questions on Tourism Development

Answer 1: Tourism industry is an important Industry that contributes towards the overall development of an economy. However there are numerous concepts within the tourism industry being developed over the years, and one such concept is community based tourism. Community based tourism is defined as a type of tourism in which the local residents invite tourists to visit their community and offer them the opportunity to stay overnight. This results in a form of earning to the local residents from the tourists in the form of rental income…..


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