Identify tourism destination who has experienced a natural disaster in the last 10 years and discuss the following:

  1. The impact of the natural disaster on the destination
  2. The impact of the natural disaster on the tourism industry
  3. Recovery plans in place

Answers to Above Questions

Natural disasters have a significant level of impact on the performance of an entire sector and ultimately on the entire economy. Tourism industry is one such industry that is directly affected by natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, Tsunami etc. In order to analyse the impact of natural disaster on a tourism destination, the specific destination that is selected is Thailand. Thailand is known as one of the favourite tourism destinations among people from all across the globe, and it was affected by flooding in 2021 between September 27 to October 2019 whereby more than 13600 square km of the country was inundated and more than 1.3 million people were affected because of it. This report therefore analyses the impact of natural disaster on Thailand tourism industry and the entire Thailand economy, and also evaluates the recovery plans in place in order to deal with the impact of the disaster………..


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