The purpose of this assignment is to orientate you, the student, to the topics of Life Orientation in the Senior Phase and consider its value in terms of the current South African contexts.

In this assignment, outline key topics and underlying themes or study areas to be found in the Life Orientation Senior Phase curriculum and assess their relevance in terms of the realities of the current, varied South African school contexts. Furthermore, critically discuss aspects of the curriculum deemed to be of value or impractical and provide logical reasons for these views. Finally, identify and explain one new sub-topic that you believe would be relevant to these contexts described.

1. Provide an introduction to your assignment. Set the scene in terms of Life Orientation as a compulsory subject in the Senior Phase curriculum. Outline what your essay will discuss. [5]
2. Outline and briefly explain key topics and underlying themes / study areas of the Life
Orientation curriculum that stand out for you. [15]
3. Critically discuss the relevance of the curriculum of Life Orientation in the Senior Phase in terms of the realities of the current and varied learning and teaching contexts in South African schools. Support your discussion with research. Do not use ChatGPT for this section. [15]
4. Critically discuss examples of the Life Orientation Senior Phase curriculum that you
feel are of value, are well-conceptualised and can be easily implemented as well as examples of the curriculum which you believe to be inconsistent, impractical or irrelevant. Justify your views by giving reasons for them. Your discussion can draw on research, experience, and opinion. You may use ChatGPT from AI for this section as well but remember to acknowledge all your sources. [20]
5. Identify one new topic that you would add to Life Orientation in the Senior Phase curriculum. Justify your suggestions with relevant research, experience and personal reflection. [5]
6. Complete your assignment by writing a conclusion which should draw all the main points together to show your overall stance. [5]
7. Check that your grammar, spelling and academic tone are appropriate. [5]
8. List your references in alphabetical order using the STADIO Referencing Guide 2024.
Do not number or bullet your references and ensure that they are left-aligned. Make certain that you have used in-text references where needed. Note that you will receive poor or no marks if you use any other Referencing system such as APA6th. You should include at least five references, one of which will be the CAPS Life Orientation Senior Phase Curriculum. Also ensure that you use at least one peer- reviewed journal article. Add your download from ChatGPT after your reference list if you used this as a source of information for number 4. [10]

Answers to Above Questions on Life Orientation

Answer 1: Life orientation is one of the most important areas of learning among students in school because it helps students in learning about essential skills, values and knowledge that is necessary for their personal development, socially responsible and thereby becoming a good citizen. The main focus of analysis includes an assessment of the themes that are considered in life orientation curriculum and its importance in the South Africa context.

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