ICE task 1

As Intermediate Phase Social Sciences (History) Teachers, we bear the responsibility of ensuring that our learners see value in and enjoy history.
Briefly (about 200 words) answer the following questions:
1. Why do you think people find history boring?
2. What can you do to bring history alive for your learners?

Activity 1 — Teaching History (Marks: 40)

As you are well aware by this point, one of the component subjects in Social Sciences is History. This activity asks you to consider the different views of what History is.
Write an essay of between 600 – 800 words in which you:
• Outline three definitions of History (evidence of further reading will be rewarded);
• Describe which definition resonates best with you and why;
• Carefully consider which definition would best enhance a Grade 5 learner’s understanding of the nature and purpose of History by giving convincing reasons.

Activity 2: South African Hunter-Gatherers and Herders (Marks: 20)
You are required to teach a lesson on the topic:
San hunter-gatherer society in the Later Stone Age.
2.1 Write down the specific points that need to be covered for the content focus on
Rock Art (5)
2.2 Write FIVE lesson objectives for the content focus: Rock Art (5)
2.3 Plan an engaging activity that will form part of the teaching and learning phase in
your lesson plan to teach this content. Include all sources/resources used. (10)

Activity 3: Ancient Civilisation’s (Marks: 40)


3.1 You have been asked by a publisher to write a Learning Unit for a Grade 5 Social Sciences Learner’s Textbook. Refer to your prescribed textbook for this module and the CAPS document for Intermediate Phase Social Sciences to understand the required content to be covered and level at which the material must be set, together with possible activities.
a) The topic is: The tomb of Tutankhamen;
b) The content must be covered over 2 hours;
c) The Learning Unit must not be longer than FOUR pages, which will include content, pictures and activities.

An Ancient African Civilisation & Tracing the Heritage of South Africa’s Provinces

3.2 You want to take your Grade 5 Social Sciences class on a field visit to The Cradle of Mankind. The school principal wants you to write a 400-500 word motivation explaining the significance of this site and the benefits of a field visit to Grade 5
History learners before she can make a decision to grant you permission.

Answers to Above Questions on Social Sciences

Answer 1: There are many reasons for which history can be considered as boring, but it mainly depends from person to person. Some people find it very boring because there is a lack of interest in the subject. Another reason for which history can be regarded as bowling is because it requires a lot of memorization of dates and events.


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