POE Activity 1: Knowledge of Content (Marks: 50)

South African teachers, in public and a few private schools, are to teach using the CAPS document to ensure that they cover the correct content at the correct time. You, an experienced teacher, have a much newer teacher, Mr Smith, asking you for advice. He has been teaching Grade 4 Mathematics for two years, and school management has now moved him to Grade 6 Mathematics.

1) Advise Mr. Smith on how the requirements of Grade 4 Patterns, Functions, and Algebra as opposed to Grade 6 Patterns, Functions, and Algebra differ.
2) Highlight to Mr. Smith the areas of conceptual progression in the area and describe how the conceptual complexity increases. Use examples to make your points clearer.
3) You need to encourage Mr. Smith to make more of an effort to use ICT in the classroom by giving him convincing reasons and practical suggestions.
4) Your submission should be typed in size 12 font, 1 ½ cm line spacing, and Calibri or Arial font, with normal margins.
5) Your submission should be about 2 ½ pages in length.

POE Activity 2: Pedagogical Learning (Marks: 50)

You are a Grade 5 Mathematics teacher. You have taught a series of lessons on certain topics in patterns, functions and algebra to your learners throughout the year. You have decided that you are going to assess their progress by giving them an assignment to do, instead of a standardized test.

1) Develop an assessment assignment out of 25 marks for Grade 5 learners.
2) The theme of your activity should match the theme of the poster you made for your classroom. In other words, it needs to be set around a social/cultural issue.
3) Develop the activity on a worksheet/s that will enable learners to consolidate their learning. Remember that this is an assessment OF learning and no new content will be taught.
4) Your assessment only needs to cover the same content that you planned covered with your poster that you created.
5) Remember that you need to cover a range of cognitive levels in your assessment, avoid just plain regurgitation of content.
6) Please include a memo AND mark allocation. Remember that you cannot award more than one mark for an answer if it does not involve a complex thinking process that deserves more than one mark.
7) Lastly, provide a written description of the following information
a. The exact objectives that you are assessing
b. Indicate where and how the different cognitive levels have been covered and assessed
c. How you allocated/weighted the 25 marks to accommodate a balance between easy and more challenging questions and therefore supporting the various learning abilities within your class.

Get Answers on Above POE Activities

Answer 1: There is significant difference in grade 4 patterns and grade 6 patterns for functions and algebra and it is important for Mr Smith to take into consideration the differences between these grades before attempting to teach grade 6 students. As for example, the grade 4 pattern for algebra includes basic concepts of patterns, and using simple expressions. However in respect to Grade 6, students are required to apply the foundational skills that they have learnt in grade 4 to highly complex concepts, and solving linear equations.


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