The theory of change explains how activities in a programme or project contribute to a chain of events that will lead to the intended or observed impacts.

Provide a theory of change that illustrates how your selected programme should be monitored and evaluated (make sure you indicate the specific programme you have selected). In your answer, you should:

• Use a logic model that you link to the identified programme. (20 marks)
• Describe the relevant legislation and policies that you would incorporate into the monitoring and evaluation of the programme, (10 marks)


To increase the understanding of the programme’s goals and objectives, a monitoring and evaluation framework is necessary. You must now develop such a framework for your selected programme. In your framework you need to consider all relevant legislation and policies, and explain the risk and success factors that may arise.

Indicators can be used to measure the success of a programme. Develop and discuss five (5) specific indicators that can be used to measure the success of your selected programme. In your answer you should explain the criteria that underpins each choice, the application of the indicator, and how the data will be collected. (25)

Answers to Above Questions on Theory of Change

Answer 1: Monitoring and evaluation of projects is highly essential in order to achieve success in the project. In this relation, the project that is selected for the purpose of analysis is the construction of a mall. The theory of change in this respect includes input, activities and output whereby inputs are the financial resources, construction material, skilled workers and activities include the structural construction, interior design and installation. The output includes the completed mall with amenities and facilities. The monitoring and evaluation in this respect can be performed by way of financial tracking, quality control assessment, evaluating the construction progress etc.


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