Question 1:

The perceived deterioration of government services and products is usually attributed to the corrupting influences of power, which may lead those who hold it to act in their self-interest rather than in the interest of the community. The Historian Lord Acton (1834-1902) observed: ‘Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. The selfish tendency of human beings is a hard truth that forms the starting point for much political thought. It is crucial for a state to devise remedies that would inhibit corrupting tendencies.

Public administration is considered a distinct field of work because it requires practitioners in democratic states to respect specific guidelines or tenets that govern their conduct. These guidelines, derived from the body politic of the state and prevailing values of society, are the foundations of public administration. They provide the content standards for the ethos and culture of government and public administration within democratic states. Observing these guidelines will avoid legislatures from passing maltreatments, public office bearers from practising misgovernment, and officials from committing maladministration.

In view of the above statement, evaluate it the use of the code of ethics is necessary in the wake of all the legal prescripts in place. Motivate your response and provide suitable examples inclusive of the advantages and disadvantages of a whistleblowing policy.

Your discussion should demonstrate a detailed application of relevant theories/models and ought to follow the following structure to include:

Introduction and background Discussion of terms and learnt theory Students’ observations
Conclusions and recommendations

Answers to Above Questions on Public Administration

Answer 1: Government in a country is responsible for providing quality products and services. However the corruption across the government department makes it difficult for the government to provide quality services to the end users. Senior officers having power in the government department misuses it for their personal gain and this in turn leads to deterioration of government services and products. In this relation,the statement that is considered is the utilisation of appropriate strategies aimed at inhibiting corrupting tendencies in public administration.

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