Topic: The Israel-Palestine conflict: Is peace possible?

After completing this assignment, students should have:

o Conceptualised the terms “Peacebuilding”, “Peacekeeping”, and “Peace- making”.
o Identify the causes, drivers, triggers, and catalysts of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
o Critically discuss in detail the origin and causes of the Israel-Palestine conflict. o Evaluate critically how peace can be established between Israel and Palestine. o Your discussion and analysis should incorporate-among others- the following
• United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: Principles and Guidelines (2008), Chapter 3.
• Peacekeeping, peace-making, and peacebuilding: Towards positive peace in a society that endured conflict (Olivier Sempiga, 2017).
• Action for Peacekeeping: UN Peacekeeping-Challenges.
• You may use the events of the 7th of October 2023 as an orientation point
(context) to the topic.
o Lastly, in your view, what are the factors that might spearhead successful peace-making attempts in this conflict, and what are the factors that may curtail potential peace-making processes?

Basic steps in approaching a research assignment

Generally, the following steps might be helpful in approaching your assignment:

1. Define your research question: A research question has already been identified, but it is important that you actually understand the question. How should I do this? You can do this by identifying the main concepts or keywords in your research question to help you identify a search strategy.

2. Gather background information: You can make use of dictionaries and good (relevant) textbooks to find definitions and background information.

3. Find books & journal articles: Search “Kovsiecat” or use the library’s comprehensive list of journals. You can also make use of “Google scholar” or do a general “Google search”.

4. Evaluate your sources: Not every source is a good source. Think critically about the information you find. Quality sources significantly contribute to the quality of your assignment.

5. Write your assignment & reference your sources: Avoid plagiarism by citing all the sources you have used in the assignment. Good academic writing requires integrating multiple sources from which a valid conclusion can be drawn – thus, avoid using one source per paragraph (integrate your sources/material).

Answers to Above Questions on Israel-Palestine conflict

Answer 1: When it comes to the peace between Israel and Palestine, the experts viewpoint indicated that there is a possibility of peace but it will take time. It is not going to happen anytime soon because there is no effective negotiation between both these parties and there is no third party that is willing to take any major role in achieving a peaceful solution between them.

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