Read the scenario below and answer all the questions that follow.

Of recent there has been an escalation in road accidents on the main road entering Soweto in Johannesburg. Through thorough investigation it was concluded that the primary causes for the accidents are:
1. Narrow road
2. Potholes on the road surface
3. Lack of road signs
4. Speeding
5. Uneven road surface that is not tarred

This was brought to the attention of the minister of transport for special attention. The minister appointed you as a project manager to upgrade this main road entering Soweto as a matter of urgency. You are required to use your expert project management knowledge to deliver on the project.

General comments
Marks in the project assessment are primarily awarded for the application of the relevant theory to the requirements of the assessment. Merely reproducing theory is deemed inadequate. The ability to undertake and reflect on research is a key component to the assessment. The assessment will be assessed in accordance with the following general criteria:

1. Presentation
2. Organisation
3. Analysis and application of theory
4. Relevance
5. Coherence
6. References

The expected response to the assessment is outlined above. However, the depth of the theory is such that students may provide answers that may vary. The assessment is therefore assessed by the marker in terms of the relevant theory and marked accordingly. The responses provided by students may not in their entirety be reflected in the marking guide, but could be a satisfactory response to the question. Students are given full recognition for this.

Question 1 (20 Marks)
Appraise the triple constraints of the project. Demonstrate how you will manage each constraint so that the project may be successful.
Question 2 (20 Marks)
The management of time on the project is of utmost importance if success is envisaged. Refer to the time distribution of project effort and demonstrate using a diagram how you will manage the time of the different stages of the project.
Question 3 (20 Marks)
Projectised organisations have unique advantages and disadvantages. Evaluate how the projectised organization structure can add value to your project. Demonstrate your understanding of this structure with a diagram.
Question 4 (20 Marks)
Non-project work is any work which does not aim to produce any product/service within a specified time limit. Demonstrate your understanding of non-project work in the context of your project.
Question 5 (20 Marks)
Risk is the effect of uncertainty that prejudices the successful achievement of the project outcome. Refer to the elements of risk that you have studied and demonstrate your understanding of prudent management of project risks during project selection.

Answers to Above Questions on Project Management

Answer 1: The triple constraints of a project includes three components such as time, cost and scope. An effective management of all these three constraints is essential from the point of view of effectively managing the project. In respect to the given project of increase in road accidents on the main road entering Soweto in Johannesburg, the management of all these important project constraints such as time, cost and scope is essential to ensure smooth performance of the project. This will be achieved in the following way:


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