Consider South Africa’s National Development Plan. You may select any chapter from chapters 3-15 of the plan that interests you. Find the strategic plan document from any government department of your choice, and find the most recent annual report of a provincial department of your choice. These plans will inform you of the vision, mission, objectives and performance, etc, of the various entities and will enable you to answer the questions posed.

For example:
We have selected chapter 5, “Environmental sustainability”. You may use the same chapter or choose another one.
We have located the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment’s 2019-2024 Strategic
We have identified the 2020 Annual Report of the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency.


Consider the provincial strategic plan that you identified when you started this assignment. You must perform a stakeholder analysis of the stakeholders of the provincial department you identified, and determine whether stakeholders were engaged in the strategic planning process. If they were engaged, describe how they were engaged. Should you find that stakeholders have not been engaged, describe how you would go about engaging them in future.


Consider the annual reports of your chosen provincial department. In your opinion, to what extent are the goals of the NDP being achieved? Describe how success is being achieved. Should you find that success is not being achieved, describe how success could be achieved, and what changes you would make to the strategic plan in order to achieve success. In your answer you should pay attention to general success and failure factors of strategic planning.


One of the greatest benefits of monitoring and evaluation is that it helps government to track, analyse and report relevant information to determine its progress and performance. You are required to monitor and evaluate the strategic planning process of the NDP and the departmental strategic plan that you identified. After you conduct the M&E process, explain the suggestions you would make about strategic planning. Do you believe that the official reports are entirely reliable or
are there critical stories in the news media, for example, that describe things differently?

Answers to Above Questions on South Africa’s Development Plan

Answer 1: From South Africa’s national development plan, the specific chapter that is selected for the purpose of analysis is Chapter 6 i.e. economic infrastructure. This chapter emphasizes the role and importance of economic structure in driving the economic growth and development in South Africa. The main emphasis of this chapter is on developing effective infrastructure that supports sectors such as water, transport, energy and ICT so that the lives of people in the country can be improved.


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