You are employed by a local bank and as part of their social responsibility program, your project team has been tasked with creating an App aimed at assisting and benefiting a South African Non- governmental organisation (NGO) of your choice. You are required to think of an innovative idea that could lead to the development of an App for this organisation.

The following are ideas to get you started on a App for your project:
• An App for connecting an NGO with potential donors
• An educational App for an NGO focused on special needs children.
• An App for an NGO focused on addressing Gender based Violence (GBV) in South Africa
• etc

Your solution should:
• Digitise the processes involved in the NGO.
• Make the solution simple, efficient and reliable.
• Ensure hardened security is implemented.
• Use low data and free to use.

Your task is to demonstrate how you would apply project management knowledge and skills when creating the information technology solution – the App from start to finish. Use a suitable IT (or any other) project management methodology and project management software.

The idea you develop must be communicated to your lecturer and be accepted or approved by your lecturer before you start the project.

Some fundamental assumptions and project requirements:
• Preferably, the system approach/project information system approach is to be followed;
• The budget is limited to R1 000 000;
• A minimum of four team members must be involved in the running of the project from start to finish. You are expected to conduct your own research regarding the product, project team selection, and developing a project schedule and management;
• Project duration must not exceed 15 months;
• Additional assumptions and requirements must be adequately added.

  Summary of the marks and mark allocation
Question Output Mark Allocation  


Project Charter







Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)









Project Solution

Activity list showing where possible start date, finish date, duration, dependencies, milestones,

resources allocation.











Agile Task List

10 10


Peer Evaluation Report







Self-Reflection Report

TOTAL Assignment Submission 100

Project Approach
A systems approach is recommended. You may choose to apply the PMBOK guide or Agile project management methodology.

Question 1                                                                                                              (Marks: 20)
Develop a project charter for the project.
Refer to the APPENDIX A for the Marking Rubric.

The following sections are adequately presented in the project charter and are accurately specific to the project.

Allocation of Marks  
  The project title is adequately selected. It is concise and creates a vision for the

end result.

  The purpose is adequately described. 2
  The description adequately provides a high-level description of the project. 2
  The objective is adequately defined. 3
  The success criteria or expected benefits are adequately presented. 3
  The funding adequately indicates the amount of money the sponsor authorises

for the project.

  The major deliverables are adequately identified. 5
  The acceptance criteria are adequately described. 1
  The milestone schedule is an adequate list of targets, dates, or times for the

occurrence of key deliverables.

  Adequate and sufficient key assumptions include those that the project rationale

or justification is based on.

  The constraints and limitations are adequately presented. 4
  The approval requirements adequately define the limits of authority of the

project manager.

  Approval signature and date adequately indicate that the sponsor has officially or

formally authorised the project.

  The overall project charter considers and adequately meets the project

requirements and specifications given in the project.

  The overall project charter adequately:

·                Provides approval to go forward with the project and commit funding (1);

·                Summarises the key conditions and parameters of the project (1);

·                Establishes the framework for developing a detailed baseline plan for performing the project (1);

·                The format and standard applied are adequate (1).

  Weighting 40/2
  TOTAL 20

Question 2 (Marks: 15)
Create a WBS for the project. Given the size of the project, the WBS should include up to the third
level and must demonstrate dividing work up to multiple work items. A graphic chart must be used.
Refer to the APPENDIX B for the Marking Rubric.

Question 3 (Marks: 40)
This question may be completed using project management software or any suitable application software such as TeamGantt.

• For added information on TeamGantt, review the following How to Guide video’s:

• Other resources and software may be researched on the Internet.
Create a Project Activity List for your chosen project and the solution should include the following tasks:
• An activity list of no less than 40 activities for the chosen project;
• Identify all activities:
o Number each task;
o Name each task;
o Provide the duration of each task;
o Schedule, and sequence project accordingly.
• Use phases, summary tasks, deliverables, and work packages;
• Use at least (minimum) of four team members as resources;
• Use at least (minimum) of six milestones;
• Estimate the cost of each task;
• Project summary;
• Show the total cost (budget) of the project.

Refer to the APPENDIX C for the Marking Rubric.

Question 4 (Marks: 10)
You are required to use Project Management Software such as Microsoft Project or any suitable application software such as TeamGantt for this task.

LU1 and LU5 articles and readings will further help you complete this question.

Q.4.1 With reference to the project selected above and completed, build an Agile project task list

The project you build should demonstrate the following:
a. Set up tasks for project initiation and releases (2 marks).
b. Create and manage the product backlog (2 marks).
c. Assigning features to a print (2 marks).
d. Assigning resources to features (2 marks). (8)

Q.4.2 Using the same project above, generate a burndown report. (2)

Question 5 (Marks: 15)
This is an individual task that requires you to complete the following:
Q.5.1 Complete a Peer Evaluation Report

Marking Guideline:
• Refer to the APPENDIX D for the peer evaluation form.
• The form must be completed for each member of the group and returned to the lecturer before or on submission day.
• The Appendix is provided at the end of the assignment (5)

Q.5.2 Complete a Self-Reflection report

Refer to the APPENDIX E for instructions on how to complete the reflective report. The lecturer will use Q.5.2 marking rubric. The Appendix and Marking Rubric are provided at the end of the assignment (10)

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