Section A: 50 marks
1. Critically discuss Connell’s (2018) reflections, on the ways in which, the global economy of knowledge has impacted on questions of “power and agency”, the sociological workforce, and the epistemological structure of Sociology in the Global South. (25marks)

2. Critically reflect on Burawoy’s (2004) classificationof four types of Sociology, each with its own mode of knowledge and distinct audience, and select the type, or combination of types that you think is best suited, to decolonize the discipline in the South African context, and why.(25marks)

3. Critically discuss Mangcu’s (2016) view, that the hegemony of Eurocentric thought in South African Sociology, has been to the detriment of the discipline, because this hegemony has resulted in a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of African, or Black, racial consciousness. (25marks)

4. Compare and contrast African and European worldviews, as presented by Carroll (2014), and indicate which aspects of each worldview you think are better suited epistemologically, theoretically and methodologically for the development of an African-Centred Sociology, and why. (25marks)

Section B: 50 marks
5. Critically engage with Rabe’s (2003) outline of researchers as ‘outsiders’ and ‘insiders’ of their research communities. (20 marks)
6. Please read the information below and use it where applicable when answering Questions 6.1 – 6.7:
You are approached by PRO MEDIA (this is a fictitious name) to assist them with research. A consumer study focusing on household expenditure on food items and clothing in the Western Cape is planned. The research population comprises of consumers who regularly buy at three major stores, namely CHEAP-CHEAP, BUY-MORE and ALL-IN-ONE (also fictitious names). PRO MEDIA has provided you with a list of these consumers.
6.1 Based on the above, formulate a research question. (2)

6.2 Explain the process of conceptualisation by focusing on ‘household expenditure’ in this study. (2)

6.3 Explain the process of operationalisation in this study by focusing on ‘household expenditure’. (4)

6.4 Which underlying research paradigm can be most readily associated with this study? Provide reasons for your answer and ensure it is compatible with your research question (your response in 6.1). (4)

6.5 Explain how you will implement an Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods design in this study. (6)

6.6 You are required to use stratified sampling for the quantitative leg of the research. Explain the steps that you will follow. (6)

6.7 Formulate two structured questions, with set responses, that focus on consumer buying patterns. (6)

Answers to Above Questions on Social Science

Answer 1: An analysis of Raewyn Connell, an Australian sociologist indicates that connell was a sociologist and has contributed significantly towards the area of gender, power and Southern theory. There are several important themes that can be considered with respect to the impact of global economy of knowledge on power, agency and sociological force and these are described as follows:


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