Read the following excerpt and complete the task below:

In July 2015, the E coli outbreaks started for Chipotle and lasted through January 2016. It began in the Northwest and spread across dozens of states. The result was an 82% decrease in profits over the course of a year and Chipotle stock down 15%. 2016 also saw an executive arrested for cocaine possession and 10,000 workers suing the company for unpaid compensation.
Having been appointed as Marketing Manager of Chipotle, you are required to advise the board on the most appropriate brand crisis management and provide a revised marketing strategy going forward to restore confidence in the brand and prevent any further negative impact on the brand. You are required to conduct further research on this incident and the company in detail.

You may use the following link to commence your research:

You are required to focus on the following issues:

1. Situation analysis: assess the current situation that Chipotle is facing
2. The impact the incident had on the brand
3. Chipotle’s positioning strategy before and after the incident and assess how this situation has affected the positioning of the brand in the mind of the consumers.
4. Public Relations steps and approach to be taken.
5. Revised Marketing strategy GOING FORWARD

Your report must adhere to the format below:

i. Title page
ii. Table of Contents
1. Problem statement (5)
2. Situation analysis (20)
3. Impact on the Chipotle equity (15)
4. Positioning of the brand (15)
5. Revised Marketing strategy GOING FORWARD (25)
6. Your comment on how Chipotle handled the decline in sales and recommendations to improve consumer confidence. (10)
7. References and presentation (10)

Situation Analysis of Chipotle 

Brand management is highly important for businesses in the 21st century in order to survive. It is very difficult to build brand reputation, but it takes a few mistakes to lose the complete reputation earned overtime. In the given case scenario of Chipotle, it is evaluated that the current situation of the company is not good because initially the E-coli outbreak has negatively affected the profitability performance of the company, and followed by this, the involvement of its executive in cocaine possession, and workers suing the company for unpaid compensation has all badly affected its reputation in the market. A situation analysis considering important strategic management tools such as PESTEL and SWOT is performed as follows:


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