• BRIEFLY introduce your company.

It has come to the attention of the “Shared Value Initiative” that your organisation is truly committed to using shared value as a basis of business design and strategic planning.
A panel member from the Shared Value Initiative was contracted to investigate your organisation’s approach to Shared Value in South Africa. This panel member contacted you with questions.
As you are keen to create a partnership with this initiative and optimise your organisation’s opportunities to become part of this community you respond candidly.
a) Using the Shared Value principles and processes as backdrop to your thinking, focus on formulating your response by answering the following questions:
i. How can each of the three levels of Shared Value be rolled out within your organisation to develop or strengthen a sustainable competitive advantage? Clearly motivate the nature of the Shared Value contribution of each idea/recommendation.
ii. What advantages can your organisation expect to gain in using a Shared Value approach and what pitfalls should be avoided? (50)

b) Pay attention to the stakeholders that will be necessary to help secure the Share Value initiative, as shared in Question a.
i. Who are the four key stakeholders that are important in your organisation’s move towards greater Shared Value in African markets (internal and/or external stakeholders)? Motivate your decision.
ii. Provide a comprehensive description of each stakeholder and mention its impact/contribution on the success or failure of your Shared Value initiative. (30)

c) Organisations need to ensure that they have the necessary competencies and capabilities to execute the Shared Value initiatives.
i. What CORE competencies & capabilities do you believe your organisation already have that will allow you to succeed on the path that you set out in Question a) and b) above? Motivate your answers. Include a clear definition of core competencies and capabilities.
ii. What NEW CORE competencies should the company develop to be successful in Africa and why?

Answers on Above Questions on Share Value Initiative

Answer 1: Shared value initiative is defined as a process that involves identification and expansion of connections between societal and economic progress. It therefore implies an initiative undertaken with the objective of realising, understanding, adopting and implementing the best practices with the objective of creating shared value. In order to analyse the share value initiative, the organisation that is selected is Shoprite Holdings South Africa.

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