FMH (For Him Magazine) is one of the most popular contemporary South African men’s lifestyle magazines and affects the way the masculine gender is performed and conceptualised in a broader social context.

Critically analyse the statement and the images below and discuss the concept of gender as a social construct. Your essay must include the following:

1. Discuss gender socialisation and gender norms imposed by society.
2. Discuss dominant / hegemonic masculinity as a social construct.
3. Use the images below to support your points of view.

In preparing your response you are required to consult academic articles, your prescribed book and knowledge gathered from various possible scenarios presented in lectures / additional notes / resources that were uploaded on the LMS.


The essay format will be explained in detail during lectures / via resources uploaded on the LMS. It must be presented in paragraphs with a sequential flow. You should not use subheadings when setting-out the argument. However, you MUST include signposts within the paragraphs, for example, “In this essay, one will . . . and “In closing “, “Ultimately”.

Answers to Above Questions on Education and Diversity

Answer 1: Gender is defined as a complex social construct that takes into consideration the rules, behaviours and expectations associated with both the genders in the society. It is the process of general socialization that allows individuals to learn societal norms and expectations related to their gender identity. The statement given by For Him Magazine (FMH) is critically analysed in this analysis:


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