Consumers are increasingly shopping from the comfort of their homes, enjoying the convenience and safety offered by online e-commerce solutions.

Demonstrate why Checkers will experience ‘the last mile’ problem with the exponential growth in online shopping. In your answer, provide a detailed explanation of this phenomenon (5 marks) and how it has developed (5 marks). Also, demonstrate why it affects Checkers more than it might competitors that offer same-day or next-day delivery (5 marks). Finally, suggest the ways in which Checkers’ supply chain is most likely to be affected (5 marks).

5 marks for each of 4 sections: Explanation of the phenomenon How it developed Why it affects Checkers more than competitors Effects on supply chain.

Question 2:

Checkers has aggressive goals for improving the sustainability of its supply chain. Checkers management has asked you to propose a solution to the problem of transport intensity and the associated environmental implications.

Conduct research to determine how global leaders such as Walmart and Amazon have addressed this aspect of the ‘last mile’ problem. (5)
1 mark for each correct fact based on research findings
Question 3
Using your research and information from Assignment 1 and Checkers’ website, motivate why Checkers’ distribution channel for its traditional consumer segment uses a product ‘push’ technique (10 marks) but the 60Sixty brand used a ‘demand pull’ technique (10 marks). In your answer, briefly outline each technique and the associated risks. 10 marks for discussion on ‘push’ technique 10 marks for discussion on ‘demand pull’ technique

Carefully read the caselet “QR Codes boost SA wines” before attempting this question.

Prepare a report for Checkers Board explaining QR logistics (5 marks), why the company should consider implementing QR systems (5 marks) and the benefits of including QR codes to Checkers’ housebrand products that come with a Refund & Replace (R&R) guarantee. (5 marks)  (15)

5 marks for explaining QR logistics
5 marks supporting implementation by Checkers 5 marks for demonstrating benefits.

Question 5

Checkers is considering launching a range of casual wear and sportswear suitable for teenagers. Predict the likely outcomes (3 marks) on its supply chain and the three foremost sources from which complexity will arise (9 marks, 3 marks for each source) if it decides to proceed. Finally, conclude why the remaining sources will not apply in the event that the new range is introduced (3 marks).

3 marks for predicting the outcomes of such a launch
3 marks for proposing 3 foremost sources – total of 9 marks 3 marks for concluding why other sources are not applicable.
Answers to Above Questions on Supply Chain Management

Answer 1: 

The Internet has provided significant opportunities to end customers, as they can do shopping from the comfort of their home. However this has posed significant challenges to the e-commerce retailer because they are required to make sure that their products are available online, and proper supply chain management is in operation in order to ensure the timely delivery. However with the given case study on Checkers, the company is likely to face the last mile problem because of increasing growth in the online shopping patterns among customers. The reasons for which the company would face last mile problem are …


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