1. Briefly explain with specific examples of your choice arguments of the idea that agricultural projects are transversal function and cannot be executed successfully without the collaboration amongst a variety of social (15 marks)
  2. Discuss arguments supporting the idea that inflation and externalities are general problems with the determination of shadow prices for agricultural projects (10 marks)
  3. You have been appointed as an agricultural analyst aimed at designing and analyzing the effective chicken production project in semi-urban communities in the Polokwane municipality. Critically discuss aspects of project preparation and analysis with the Chicken production (20 marks)
  4. Critically, evaluate the various types of agricultural project risks in South Africa and outline the strategies to curb these (15 Marks)
  5. Use the problem tree approach to describe how to conduct problem analysis for a project aimed at improving food security in rural communities in South (10 marks)
  6. Agricultural projects are initiated to address or alleviate poverty in rural communities of most African countries. Briefly discuss, with specific roles of your chosen agricultural project in rural (10 marks)
  7. How much would a farmer have to deposit in an account today that pays 10% interest, compounded weekly, so that he/she has a balance of R 60,000 in the account at the end of 16 years? Interpret your results. (10 marks)
  8. Use a vegetable agricultural project in an urban community to critically discuss why it is right to integrate monitoring into the implementation. (10 marks)

Answers to above questions on Agriculture Project

Answer 1: The agricultural projects are a transversal function and they cannot be executed successfully without the collaboration of a variety of social parties. This is mainly because the agricultural projects are highly difficult and require coordination among various important stakeholders for their success. Some of the stakeholders include farmers, civil society, policy makers, private sector etc. Collaboration is therefore key to the success of agriculture projects and the combined effort of different stakeholders is essential to achieve success over such projects.


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