Question 1: (100 marks)
“Poverty does not create our social problems…social problems create our poverty.”- Marco Rubio
Select any one (1) of the following three (3) social issues or problems that you wish to investigate scientifically :
• Child Abuse
• Gender Violence
• Racial Profiling
In an essay format (5-6 pages), provide the following:
• A working title for your chosen research topic.
• An introduction to your chosen research topic (200-250 words).
• A research question or hypothesis.
• An outline of research aims and objectives that must relate to the research question or sub-questions.
• A preliminary literature review including at least five (5) credible scholarly sources that relate to your topic of interest and/or the research question (4-5 pages. i.e., the preliminary literature review must be at at least 4-5 pages).

Answers to Above Questions on Research Methods and Statistics

Answer 1: The social issue that is selected for the purpose of analysis is child abuse. It is correct that social problems create poverty and it is therefore important to address social problems in order to eradicate the issues of poverty. The title that is selected for the purpose of caring out investigation is how social problems of child abuse contribute towards poverty and ways to resolve it.

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