QUESTION 1 (50 Marks)

You have been funded by an organisation to carry out an empirical study on how leadership styles affect job satisfaction in the organisation. Taking this as the point of departure, answer the following questions:

a) Problematise the study and develop 2 objectives or questions. (5 marks)

b) Identify a relevant theory to underpin the study, highlighting the main assumptions, as well as how this theory is relevant for this study.

c) Based on your objectives or questions, explain in full, the methodological steps that you would (15 marks)
implement to investigate the situation. (20marks)

Remember to justify your response.

d) Based on your methodological choice, explain how you would ensure the validity and reliability of your study.  (10 marks)

QUESTION 2 (25 Marks)

a) “A single perception of reality does not exist. There is no explicit ‘condition’ or ‘situation’ that everyone interprets as universal reality”. (Jonker & Pennink, 2010: 3)

Discuss the above assertion in the context of the main paradigmatic stances of research. (15 marks)

b) Theorising and conceptualising are somehow confusing constructs in research. In your own understanding. (10 marks)

Provide a detaled explaination of these two (what do they mean), highlighting their significance in undertaking research.

QUESTION 3 (25 Marks)

a) Compare and contrast research methodology and methods (5 marks)

b) Identify and characterise the three main research approaches, paying attention to their applicability/ their purpose in research. (15 marks)

c) Explain ethnography as a data collection method. In doing so, clearly indicate its main advantages.

Answers to Above Questions on Research Methodology

Answer 1: The role of leadership style is significant in affecting the performance of an organisation, and it is therefore important for the leader to adapt a leadership style that is highly relevant to leading an organisation to higher success. Because of the existence of different leadership styles such as autocratic, democratic, transformation to laissez faire, it often creates chaos in managing the workforce in an organisation. Hence the problem that is the basis for the given study is the selection of appropriate leadership style that can ensure higher job satisfaction level within employees.

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