QUESTION 1 (40 Marks)

As the Research Director of your company, South African Research Agency, you are required to present and submit a research report for the study that you conducted on the attitude and perceptions of the community of eThekwini Municipality with regard to service delivery at the locations around Durban. Discuss the process that you would follow in drafting the research report. (20 marks)

As part of the research that was conducted by your Department at South African Research Agency, focus group interviews were used to collect qualitative data. As part of your presentation to the Directors of South African Research Agency, you are required to explain the guidelines that you followed when conducting focus group interviews. (10 marks)

In conducting the research for this particular study with your team, qualitative data were collected and analysed. One of the Board of Directors for South African Research Agency, to whom you are presenting the research report, is interested in knowing the differences between qualitative and quantitative data. With the use of relevant examples, explain how qualitative data differs from quantitative data. (10 marks)

Answer ANY TWO (2) questions in this section.

QUESTION 2 (30 Marks)

Elaborate on the meaning of measurement in research? What difference does it make whether we measure in terms of a nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio scale? Explain with the aid of examples.

QUESTION 3 (30 Marks)

Identify and discuss the steps involved in the sampling process. (20 marks)

Explain the points to be considered when determining the sample size in an attempt to reduce the sample error? (10 marks)

QUESTION 4 (30 Marks)

Using suitable examples, distinguish between causal-comparative research, correlational research, explanatory research, exploratory research and descriptive research. (20 marks)

Discuss the concept of scientific research and outline its characteristics. (10 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Public Sector

Answer 1: 

In drafting a research report on the attitude and perceptions of the community of eThekwini municipality regarding the service delivery, the process that will be followed include a brief background introduction about the topic initially followed by a critical analysis of the literature, and their specifying the Research Design and methodology that will be followed in collecting data, and finally and analysis of the data including a discussion on the results and findings, and finally recommendation based on the research findings.

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