Evaluate the relevance of your public policy, and the current policy development cycle and framework. You should also note why the change in policy is necessary and justify this change by applying your policy to the public policy process and framework


Based on your answer to question 1, critically analyse the process that is embedded in your policy, using a model. Determine which policy changes are required.


“Stakeholders are any party, individual or group that can be linked to or influenced by the policy. Stakeholders are any party [that has] an interest in the policy. Stakeholders will influence and be Influenced by policies in different stages. Stakeholders who have [a] great interest but little power, need to be managed [as they are] capable of lobbying. Those who have great power, but low interest, should be maintained [to become] satisfied [as] they need to be a patron or supporter of the policy.”

• Source: Hutahaean, M. 2016. The importance of stakeholders approach in public policy making. Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, 84(1): 462-466.


Identify relevant stakeholders in the development of your chosen policy and critically examine the different roles and influence of these stakeholders throughout the policy development process. Also
indicate what the impact would be should these roles not be fulfilled.


“Policy monitoring and evaluation (M&E) has a critical role to play in effectively designing, implementing and delivering public policies and services” (OECD in University of Witwatersrand, 2022). It is essential to ensure that policy making is informed by sound evidence on what works to achieve key long-term objectives.

• Source: OECD. (2022). Policy monitoring and evaluation. monitoring-evaluation.htm#:~:text=Policy%20monitoring%20and%20evaluation%20 (accessed 21 March 2023).


You should formulate an implementation, monitoring and evaluation process for your selected policy. In your answer you should explain which implementation process you will use, how you will monitor and evaluate your policy and which tools you will use to do so, as well as explain your preferred data
collection methods.

Answer to Above Questions on Public Policy

Answer 1: 

Public policies are generally the initiative by the government with the objective of bringing a change in the society by way of addressing the challenges with the objective of promoting welfare of the entire society. This essay is aimed at analysing a public policy with the objective of evaluating its relevance and also an analysis of why it is important compared to the existing policy. In relation to this, the policy that is being selected for analysis is….

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