Question 1:

The Ethekwini Municipality proposes to undertake a project to build 2500 low-cost houses for flood affected residents on one of its properties in Clare Estate. Using the systems approach to decision-making, discuss the process involved in the municipality’s decision to proceed or reject the project.

Question 2:

Advance your views on the relationship between public administration and the social sciences disciplines of Political Science; Jurisprudence; Industrial Psychology; Anthropology and Economics.

Answers to Above Questions on Public Management

Answer 1: The decision with respect to accepting and rejecting a project needs to be carried out after looking into various factors associated with it. The system approach to decision making could be significant in making a decision as to whether a project should be accepted or rejected. In the given case scenario of Ethekwini Municipality, the decision with respect to the proposed project of building 2500 low cost houses for flood affected residents is analysed below by considering the systems approach.


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