Question 1 (Marks: 60)

Q.1.1 The word ‘I’ relates to our self-awareness, or the object of attention whereby we communicate our thoughts, feelings, and desires (Damian and Robins, 2012 cited in Castle & Buckler, 2018).

Read the following article:

In the form of a formal essay, reflect on the term “self” as it relates to Psychology. In your essay, include the following in your discussion:

• Define the term ‘self’ as it relates to Psychology
• Use the attached article to distinguish between The Self as “I” and The Self as “me”
• Discuss the self as a multi-level system
• In addition to the above article, use 2 additional credible academic sources
(Excluding your prescribed textbook) to supplement your answer and reference your essay correctly. Your essay must reflect references for the article provided as well as references. The essay should be between 800-1200 words. Pay attention to your academic writing standard.

Q.1.2 Self-Efficacy may be defined as the amount of effort we devote to an activity, our motivation to complete the task and our persistence in achieving a positive outcome in a task (Castle & Buckler, 2018).

Consider the following scenario:

You are a Grade four teacher at a local school. Carl is a learner in your class. Carl is eager to participate in class when structured activities are presented during the lesson. During this week the learners are exploring their creative skills in the form of creative arts activities. The learners are required to draw, paint, or sketch a vase placed in the front of the classroom as part of their creative arts activity. On day 2 of presenting the activity to the class, you notice that Carl has become quite withdrawn and seems to lack his usual energetic, eager approach to activities. You proceed to enquire with Carl on the reason for his low participation in the activity. In the process, you notice that Carl has started his drawing over quite a few times already since yesterday. Carl responds as follows: “I’m just not any good at this type of activity. I don’t like art and I cannot draw as good as the others”. “Please let me complete a puzzle instead?”

Apply your knowledge on Self-Efficacy to the above scenario by referring to the following:
• Aspects related to self-efficacy
• Four factors that affect self-efficacy
• The role of a teacher in enhancing the self-efficacy of students in the classroom context
• Your essay should reflect the format of a formal essay with a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Ensure that you make use of at least 2 additional, credible academic sources in addition to your prescribed
textbook and reference correctly throughout your essay. Your essay must reflect references for 2 additional sources. The essay should not exceed 1000 words. Pay attention to your academic writing standard.

Question 2 (Marks: 40)

Choose ONLY ONE of the below learning difficulties/disorders to answer this question.
Briefly define the disability/disorder you have chosen. Explain the disability/disorder according to the following criteria:

• Possible Cause/Origin
• Possible presentation in the classroom
• Suggested classroom management

a. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
b. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Answers to Above Questions on Psychology 

Answer 1: Self is an important concept that represents myself or yourself, anything is generally utilised in order to form reflexive pronouns. However the concept of self is different in psychology whereby it is identified as the study of either the cognitive, cognitive or affective representation of one’s identity or the subject of experience. The article on psychology today can be used in order to differentiate between the self as “I” and the self as “me” as …..

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