Q.1.1 The World Health Organisation (WHO) makes mention of various conditions that contribute to the deterioration of mental wellbeing of children, such as: income, unemployment, substance misuse, crime, and educational achievement, as important and it is highlighted that often these form in clusters rather than existing in isolation (Castel & Buckler, 2018).

Consider the following scenario:

Jessica is an 8-year-old girl from a single-parent family, living in a small 1-bedroom apartment with her single parent mother and three other adults. Her father was imprisoned just before she was born, after being convicted of an offence involving human trafficking; now out of prison, he is not permitted to have contact with Jessica or her mom as a result of long-term violence issues towards Jessica’s mother. This means that Jessica did not have any contact with her father. Her 26-year-old mother is a drug addict, currently undergoing a heroin rehabilitation programme. She receives unemployment benefit and has not worked since leaving school without any qualifications at 14 years of age, although she appears to have funded her drug habit through prostitution.

With reference to the above scenario include the following in your answer:
• Define mental wellbeing with reference to children.
• Identify possible risk factors as well as possible mediating factors towards Jessica’s mental wellbeing from the scenario.
• Discuss observations relating to ‘signs and symptoms’ that may be visible as signs that Jessica’s mental wellbeing may have been compromised or at risk.
• Explain how the school environment or teachers in the classroom can support learners who are at risk of compromised mental wellbeing.
• Explain your role and mandate as a teacher in relation to dealing with mental wellbeing in schools.
• Briefly outline referral practices in mental wellbeing in schools.

Your essay should reflect the format of a formal essay with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Ensure that you make use of at least two additional, credible academic sources in addition to your prescribed textbook and reference correctly throughout your essay. Your essay must reflect references for two additional sources. The essay should be between 1500 and 1800 words. Pay attention to your
academic writing standard.

Resilience is key in promoting mental health. The rigours of day-to-day life require resilience. Without it, challenges become struggles, struggles become fatiguing and ultimately there is a danger of being unable to cope, with an ensuing sense of ‘drowning’ in one’s problems (Castle & Buckler, 2018).

• Define resilience in your own words (You are required to source two academic sources, excluding your prescribed textbook to formulate your definition of resilience).
• Describe how resilience in sport may resemble resilience in education.
• Explain how you as a teacher will develop resilience in children in your classroom context. Provide applicable classroom examples to illustrate your explanation.

Answers to Above Questions on Psychology

Answer 1.1: Mental wellbeing is the combination of emotional, psychological as well as social well being. It is highly essential for our overall well being and plays an important part towards our overall health condition. Good mental health condition is essential at every stage of life including childhood to adolescence through adulthood. In the given case scenario of Jessica, the mental health condition of the seeker is defined as inappropriate because the essential component of mental wellbeing such as connecting with other people is missing, physical activeness is missing in the given case scenario. She has been kept away from her father which shows the lack of connectivity which is essential for good mental health condition…..


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