QUESTION 1 Project Teams [30 MARKS]

Define the terms “projects” and “project management”. Then, discuss the various skills and abilities you will need as the project manager for the project you have identified.

Briefly discuss the stages of team development that your team might experience. (15)

QUESTION 2 Stakeholder Management [25 MARKS]

Answer the following questions:

• Discuss what a stakeholder is and the benefits of effective stakeholder management; (10)

• Discuss the stakeholder identification tool; and (5)

• Use the stakeholder identification tool to identify the stakeholders in your project. (10)

QUESTION 3 Project Management Tools [30 MARKS]

Discuss the work breakdown structure as a project planning tool. Then, discuss how you will use it in the project you have identified. (10)

Briefly discuss the tools you could use to manage your project’s time and budget. (20)

QUESTION 4 Project Success and Failure [15 MARKS]

Discuss project success and failure factors by identifying five of each. Then, reflect on the project you have identified and discuss why it was a success or failure.

Answers to Above Questions on Project Management

Answer 1: Project is defined as a task or an activity that needs to be performed in order to accomplish the goals. In simple terms, it is defined as the focus piece of work with a specific scope and defined output. Project management on the other hand is defined as the process of managing a project with the objective of achieving the goals from it. The whole team needs to be managed in a way that leads to the attainment of project goals. There are various skills and abilities required on the part of project managers to manage projects in a successful way. Some of the important skills and abilities include….

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