Your project team has recently completed a successful major project. Your director wants to assign the next potential project to your team. A decision has not been made about which project your company will agree to deliver. Your project team has been asked to evaluate three potential projects and based on the evaluation process, identify, and select the most profitable and feasible project to deliver for your company.

After several meetings with the project sponsor of each project, it was discovered that the organisations of the project sponsors have the following in common:

  • They deliberately want to increase revenue and maintain profitability;
  • They believe that managing costs must be prioritised and one of the critical success factors;
  • They promote efficiency and pay detailed attention to balancing the budget;
  • They are quality focused, providing best service, reliable products/services and intend to achieve improved customer satisfaction;
  • They ensure compliance, improved reporting, and transparency.

PROJECT 1: The MeerKAT Project

MeerKAT originally the Karoo Array Telescope, is a radio telescope consisting of 64 antennas in the Northern Cape of South Africa.

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be the world’s largest, fastest and most sensitive radio telescope ever build. The South African MeerKAT is a 64-dish array radio telescope and is precursor to the SKA telescope.

South Africa is to submit an expression of interest to host the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Radio Telescope in Africa, including the locally designed and built MeerKAT as part of the first phase of the SKA.

PROJECT 2: Construction of an Olympic Complex and Stadium

Hosting the Olympic Games would be a sought-after goal of any country. The Olympic games are held every four years with huge interest from all over the world.

This project however is not only building of a stadium, but changing of traffic routes, construction of competitors living accommodation as well as a multi-purpose complex and stadium. Summer Olympics complex will be required to seat 100,000 people and accommodation for 10,000 athletes near the Summer Olympics complex.

PROJECT 3 : Project of your own choice NOTE: –project chosen needs to be approved by your lecturer.
Consider the type and size of the previous two projects, you may now also come up with a project of your choice to a similar size, duration and cost.

Ensure you choose a project large enough (may be one that has already been done) to ensure you are able to effectively complete the questions in this assignment.

Question 1 (Marks: 10)
Project Selection

Using an appropriate set of criteria, evaluate the projects by using the steps in the project selection process to outline how you would go about selecting the project. Include in your answer
your final answer decision as to which of the projects you have chosen and provide justification.

Refer to the Question 1 marking rubric provided at the end of the assignment.

Question 2 (Marks: 50)

Task 1 Develop a project proposal for the project selected focussing on the Cost Section. Ensure that all the relevant costs required for this project are included.
Ensure you cover the full budget allocated to the specific chosen project. (10)

Marking Guideline:
Refer to the Question 2 Task 1 marking rubric provided at the end of the assignment

Task 2 Develop a project charter for the selected project. (20)


Include the following sections separately in the Project Charter. These should be accurate and specific to the scenario and the selected focus area:
The project title adequately selected. It is concise and creates a vision for the end result.
The purpose adequately summarises the need and justification for the project.
The description adequately provides a high-level description of the project.
The objective is adequately presented as a statement of what is expected to be accomplished.
The success criteria or expected benefits adequately presented an indication of outcomes or
quantitative benefits that will result from implementing the project.
The funding adequately indicates the total amount of money the sponsor authorises for the

Task 3 Create a WBS for the project you selected. Your WBS must include up to the third level and must demonstrate dividing work up to multiple work items. A
graphic chart format must be used.

WBS is adequately developed and meets the requirements as outlined in the question.
• Level 0 – Level 3 is adequately used/applied (1);
• Graphic chart adequately used/applied (1);
• Work (where applicable) is adequately divided into multiple work items (1).
The level at which a specific deliverable is produced as an output or end product of the work associated with a work package:
• The work package adequately includes all of the specific work activities (2)
to determine what types and quantities of other specifics are needed (2).
The level at which there is a high degree of confidence that all the activities that need to be performed to produce the deliverable:
• Are adequately defined (2);
• The associated activities are clear enough to estimate durations and costs can be adequately for inclusion in the Gantt chart Schedule (2).
The project manager can adequately use the WBS to:
• Assign an individual/resource responsibility and accountability for accomplishing the work package and each of the activities.

Task 4 Create the project Stakeholder Register. The report should include the following: Provide at least five project stakeholders as well as the role they play in the chosen project such as their interest and influence.

Question 3 (Marks: 25)
This question may be completed using a Project Schedule (Gantt Chart).
Creation of the Schedule (Gantt Chart) maybe completed using any project management software such as TeamGantt, MS Project or any suitable project Management application software.

For added information on TeamGantt, review the following How to Guide video’s:

Other resources shall be made available in VC learn to assist with Team Gantt account set up.

Other resources and software may be researched on the Internet.

The Project Schedule (Gantt Chart) should include but is not limited to the following information:

1. Create An activity list of no less than 40 activities for the chosen project;
2. Identify all activities:

• Number each task;
• Name each task;
• Provide the duration of each task;
• Schedule, and sequence project accordingly.

3. Use phases, summary tasks, deliverables, and or work packages;
4. Use at least (minimum) of six team members as resources for tasks;
5. Use at least (minimum) of four milestones throughout the project;
6. Schedule should reflect start and end dates of each activity;
7. The schedule should reflect the start and end dates of each of the phases, summary tasks, deliverables, and or work packages yet not exceeding the time constraint given.

Answers to Above Questions

Answer 1: The selection of a project is an important decision that needs to be made with careful consideration because inappropriate selection of a project would be a costly matter for the company. In the case of different projects given, it is important to look into certain important criteria such as strategic alignment with the overall goal from the project, evaluation of resource capabilities and their availability, assessment of potential risk, impact on relevant stakeholders, and data availability and expected revenue from the project. In the given case of the MeerKAT project, the main goal is to host the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Radio Telescope in Africa……


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