Task 1: Argument Analysis – Short Essay [Marks: 30]

For this task, you will need to use your knowledge of argument structures and analysis, as well as various philosophical approaches you covered in Learning Unit 1 and 2 and apply these to a real-life education scenario in the form of a short essay.

You are required to:
• Carefully read the news article by Cebelihle Mbuyisa (2022), ‘Paralysed child’s parents demand answers from school and education department’, available here:
Paralysed child’s parents demand answers from school and education department – The Mail & Guardian (mg.co.za)
Using the article above as your context, write a short but formal academic essay between 800- 900 words in which you:
o Analyse the validity and soundness of the argument presented by the school and Department of Education to the parent of Melokuhle Tshabalala (reference must be made to the positions of both Nkosana Tshabalala and the Department of Education/school).
o Comment on the propositions presented in the article which affected the mental health and wellbeing of Melokuhle Tshabalala.
o Identify the most likely philosophical approach/theory taken by both the Department of Education/school and the parent.

Task 2 — The Role-players in South African Education – Long Essay [Marks: 40]

For this task, you are required to utilise your understanding of the various conceptualisations of education, together with the role that teachers play within these various conceptions, as covered in Learning Unit 3.

You are required to use the circumstances of Melokuhle Tshabalala’s paralysis as a reference point, to write a formal essay (of between 1000-1500 words) in which you discuss the role of the various role players in creating a safe and secure environment at Nyandeni Primary School.

You are required to:
• Discuss your view on the role of the state, the parents, and the community in providing a safe and secure environment at the Nyandeni Primary School that Melokuhle Tshabalala attended.
• Your discussion must make reference to the positions of Locke, Plato, Mill, Adeyemi and Adeyinka and Guttman.
• Discuss the approach you think will have the greatest impact on the role of teachers in the South African classroom.

Task 3 — My Teaching Philosophy (Marks: 30)
This task consolidates all the Learning Units of your PRET7311 module. You are required to take the several philosophical and theoretical knowledge covered in the module, together with the various teaching experiences gained while studying at The IIE, to write your own personal philosophy of teaching.

You need to create your personal philosophy by making particular reference to the following:
• Reflect on your current knowledge skills and skill sets in relation to the DHET’s (2015) initial teacher competencies. Discuss how you currently measure up against at least four Competencies.
• Consider the roles of teachers according to the Collective Roles of Teachers in a School and discuss which four roles you consider important
• Consider your view on discipline. Discuss your philosophically supported view on discipline.
• Consider your planned approach to prioritising conflicting rights and dealing with ethical dilemmas. Discuss four examples of ethical dilemmas supported by various philosophical principles, the rights, and codes of both the Constitution of South Africa, and the SACE Code of Professional Ethics. Examples used must make reference to parents, teachers and learners.

Your personal philosophy may take any logical format but should not exceed five pages in total and should reflect an excellent command of the English Language. You may include sub-headings.

Answers to above questions on Professional Ethics case study

Answer 1: An analysis of the given article indicates that it is based on the case of Melokuhle Tshabalala who has fallen down at his school and was left paralysed. As a result of this, the parents of Melokuhle demanded an explanation from the school about the issue. As per the article, it is evaluated that the school is not accepting its mistake, and claimed that they have reasonable safety practices within the school and the incident was unfortunate. In terms of effectiveness or soundness of the argument made by school, it is evaluated that the arguments are not sound.

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