Question 1 (Marks: 40)
Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow.

The issue of student debt has been in the news, with people calling for student debt to be erased. Inspired by the #FEESMUSTFALL movement, Converse launched its version of the movement to wipe out student debt called #KickTheDebt. Converse took notice of the massive need for student debt relief in South Africa and pledged R2 million to their #KickTheDebt campaign, which aimed to help fight student debt.

The focus of the #KickTheDebt campaign was to try and alleviate even a small portion of debt that is the result of generational economic depression. This campaign aimed to make a difference to the youth in South Africa as tertiary education is incredibly expensive, and as a result, student debt is exceptionally high. Converse wanted to bash, smash, squish, crush and #KickTheDebt that learners and students in secondary and tertiary education may have when it comes to their education.

Adapted from: Converse Website (2021)
Available at: [Accessed 06 August 2021].

You are employed as the Public Relations Practitioner (PRP) for Converse and are responsible for managing the #KickTheDebt campaign. Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow, which are based on the Four-Step Public Relations Process.

Note: You will need to conduct additional research on Converse and the #KickTheDebt campaign.

Q.1.1 Conduct a situation analysis for the #KickTheDebt campaign. Your analysis should include background information and facts that necessitated the #KickTheDebt campaign.

Q.1.2 Identify two target audiences for the #KickTheDebt campaign.

Q.1.3 Provide three reasons why the target audiences identified in Q.1.2 were selected for the #KickTheDebt campaign.

Q.1.4 In your capacity as the PRP for the #KickTheDebt campaign, write a post-campaign report for Converse’s Senior Management Team evaluating the success or failure of the #KickTheDebt campaign.

Your report should include the following elements:

Element Mark allocation
Introduction 5 marks
Body 10 marks
Conclusion 5 marks
Recommendations 5 marks

Refer to the marking rubric at the end of this assignment for guidance.

Answers to Above Questions on Public Relations

A situation analysis includes an evaluation of internal and external factors that affect a campaign. In the given KicktheDebt campaign, a situation analysis requires any evaluation of both the internal and external factors. An analysis of the KicktheDebt campaign indicates that the major factor that necessitates the need for this campaign is the right amount of student debt in South Africa. The main purpose of this campaign was to provide some kind of relief to students and it is therefore the primary driving factor behind initiating this campaign………


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