Question 1 (37 marks)

Managers. It’s a helluva tough job, make no mistake, requiring specific skills, or in a more corporate jargon way, managerial competencies.

The word may be jargon, but it is crucial for any organisation, big or small. The overall growth of everyone, including the organisation, rests on the shoulders of competent managers. They are the glue keeping the bond between decision-makers and the rest of the employees strong. Some responsibility, eh?

How to acquire such manager skills and competencies, then? Well, that’s what this article is all about!

Source: Williams, K. 2022. Managerial Competencies: Core Skills, Importance & Examples. [Accessed 21.08.2023]

Access the article “Managerial Competencies: Core Skills, Importance & Examples”. The article highlights six core managerial competencies that are crucial for effective management. Assess the competencies, as discussed in the article, with the general management competencies of managers in your law enforcement agency.

This is an essay-type question. Provide your answer with a title (short description of what your answer is about); then start with 1. Introduction as your first heading and continue with your answers providing each with a relevant heading; ending with Conclusion (as the last heading). Remember to provide source references in your answer indicating where you got the answer from the textbook and/or study guide or other sources, i.e., Botha et al. (2020 nr).

Your discussion must include the following:

Structure: mark allocation: (3)
• Title (1)
• Headings and sub-headings (1)
• In-text referencing/citing (1)
1.1 A brief introduction: the importance of competencies for effective management. (2)

1.2 Assess the management competencies, as discussed in the article, against the management competencies of managers in your law enforcement agency. (30)

Assess defined: decide on the quality or importance of something.

Guidance: two (2) marks for theoretical discussion and three (3) marks for the assessment of the competencies of your own law enforcement agency

1.3 In conclusion, identify one (1) management challenge that you as an upcoming leader are experiencing in your law enforcement agency and make a recommendation of how
you can address this challenge. (2)

Question 2 (14 marks)

Not following a structured decision-making process in law enforcement, can have several negative impacts on the effectiveness of the department and the overall safety of the community.

Identify a problem experienced in your law enforcement agency in the last three months. Explain how the decision-making process will be applied to address the identified problem and the possible impact, if the decision-making process is not followed.

Guidance: one (1) mark for the theoretical discussion and one (1) mark for the possible impact, if the decision-making process is not followed.

Question 3 (22 marks)

Human resources are one of the organisation’s main resources and should be controlled meaningfully. The lack of control in human resources can significantly impact on performance measures, coaching, counselling and discipline in an organisation.

3.1 Assess the organisational impact that a lack of control can have on the human resources in your law enforcement agency. (12)

Guidance: Marks will be allocated for practical application only.

3.2 Present five (5) proposals on how your law enforcement agency can limit the impact of a lack of control. (10)

Answers to Above Questions on Police Management

Answer 1: The role of effective management especially in the context of law enforcement agencies is significant because of their important role of maintaining public safety, upholding the law and making sure that the operational activities are carried out effectively in the organisation. Managers need to possess effective managerial skills and abilities in order to handle the law enforcement environment in an efficient way. It is therefore important to understand these competencies so that managers can be made highly skilled and efficient to handle complex situations.

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