The notion of sustainable employment suggests that organisations together with their staff have created an environment where they have been able sustain employment over a long term. HRM practices has shown to be beneficial when organisations consider the following practices as pivotal in their organisations: work design  and  workforce  planning.  These  practices  help  organisations  to  have  a competitive advantage in their working environment, not only to ensure the satisfaction of the employees but also contribute to sustainable employment aspect. Taking into consideration the following chapters, what is your view regarding their influence on sustainable development:

  • Chapter 5: Work design, Organisations and HRM Work
  • Chapter 6: Workforce Planning

*In your answer, you are required to use relevant examples in the context of the South African public service to substantiate your answers.

Answer to Above Questions


Sustainable employment is an important concept that is highly relevant for modern day businesses in order to effectively manage their human resources. Sustainable employment can lead to better organizational performance, as a satisfied employee is likely to contribute in a better way towards achieving organisational goals. The role of work design and workforce planning is crucial in achieving sustainable employment, because an effective planning of human resources would lead to sufficient workforce to carry out organisational activities, and better work design would result in the utilisation of human resources to their maximum productivity level. The importance of Sustainable employment is analysed with the help of South African Public Service organisation as follows:

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