Select an organisation of your choice and write a summary on the following:

a) Gather primary or secondary data on the main HR activities undertaken in the organisation. Investigate the meaning of, and the need for, five such activities. Briefly summarise the findings in your own words. (20 marks)

b) Analyse the relationship between human resource management and the business strategy of the chosen organisation. (10 marks)

c) Select a relevant human resource model covered in this course to illustrate the relationship between HRM practices and organisational strategic objectives. (10 marks)

d) Donning the hat of the HR director of the organisation, create SMART goals for the HR department related either to recruitment and selection, or to learning and development, of employees. Note that these should be based on your answers to parts 1a, 1b and 1c of this assessment. (10 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Human Resource Management

Answer 1: The organisation that is selected for the purpose of analysis is Vodacom South Africa. HR is an important function in every type of organisation and it is evident in the case of Vodacom as well. There are a number of HR activities that are being carried out within the organisation. The important ones include recruitment and selection of employees, training and development, performance management, employee management, and compensation and benefits.


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