Question 1 (19 marks)

1.1 The SAPS 13 stores at the police station level are used for the proper safeguarding of prisoners’ valuable property, exhibits, and lost and found property.

Discuss what the management of property and exhibit management in the Community Service Centre consists of. (9)



Mr S visited police station M to pay a traffic fine that was issued to him. The Community Service Centre (CSC) issued him with a receipt as proof of payment. The following day when the first level inspection was conducted in the CSC, the commander found that a mistake was made on the receipt of Mr S. The commander commented that the situation must be rectified. The member who had issued the receipt contacted Mr S to obtain the original receipt, but Mr S did not have the original receipt.

Explain how the member who had issued the receipt needs to rectify this situation. (10)

Question 2 (22 marks)


Person B, a 42-year-old male was arrested by a police official A, for housebreaking and theft at 10:00 on Tuesday 28 February 2023. Person B was brought to the Community Service Centre (CSC) and processed by 10:25 for housebreaking and theft, OB 230/02/2023. Station M CAS 56/02/2023, SAPS14/22/02/2023, SAPS14(a), book number 11, notice number D54683, SAPS22/L6537123, SAPS13/57/2023. Person B had the opportunity to contact his legal representative and next of kin to inform them of his arrest. Person B has no injuries or medical condition.

Person B was charged with housebreaking and theft on Tuesday, 2023-02-28 at 11:05 in Station M CAS 56/02/2023, OB 237/02/2023.

Based on the above scenario, provide the information which should be entered in the SAPS 14 as provided below. See the example after the table on how the question can be answered. (22)

Question 3 (32 marks)

In the South African Police Service there exists a well-established legal system with specific procedures for handling bail payments and providing corresponding receipts. One of the critical documents used in this process is the J398 bail receipt.

Explain the process for the issuing of the J398, bail receipt.

Answers to Above Questions on Public Administration

Answer 1: There are certain important steps that need to be undertaken by the person that has issued the receipt in the given scenario. The person needs to document the mistake initially by identifying the ways in which the errors have occurred, and this is followed by an apology to be made to the person that has faced the inconvenience. The next step is to make a new issue of correct receipt and provide assurance that similar mistakes would not happen in the future.

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