Question 1 (41 marks)

(First, read the prescribed textbook and the discussions in the study guide, then provide your own understanding of the theory for each question.)

You have been promoted as a manager within your policing/law enforcement agency. As a manager, you need to understand the indispensable function of organising and the obstacles to delegation within the management process.
Do research on the importance of organising and the obstacles to delegation as a management function within an organisation and compile a report in which you cover the following:
1.1 A brief introduction: provide your understanding of organising and delegation and indicate what you will be discussing. (3)
1.2 Explain the reasons for organising, measured against the organising functions within your policing/law enforcement agency. (32)
Guidance: Your understanding of the reasons for organising is important (do not copy directly from your textbook). Two (2) marks will be allocated for the theoretical discussion and two (2) marks for the explanation of the organising function in your policing\law enforcement agency.
1.3 Conclusion: give an adequate summary of the importance of organising and delegation. (3)
This is an essay-type question, provide your answer with a title (short description of what your answer is about); then start with 1. Introduction as you first heading and continue with your answers providing each with a relevant heading, ending with a Conclusion (as the last heading). Remember to provide source references in your answer, indicating where you get the answer from the textbook and/or study guide or other source, i.e., Botha et al. (2020: page nr).
Your discussion must include the following:

Structure: mark allocation: (3) Title (1)
Headings and sub-headings (1) In-text referencing/citing (1)

Discuss the obstacles to effective delegation and make suggestions on how the obstacles can be prevented in your policing/law enforcement agency.

Guidance: One (1) mark for the theoretical discussion of the obstacle to effective delegation and two (2) marks for the suggestions on how the obstacle can be prevented in your own policing/law enforcement agency.

Question 3 (20 marks)

Access and read the article: “Conflict management styles and strategies”

Discuss any four (4)-conflict management strategies in the article, link the four strategies to the four (4) relevant techniques that deal with conflict as discussed in your study material.

Guidance: Formulate one answer for each conflict management strategy, three (3) marks will be allocated to the relevant strategy in the article and two (2) marks for the link with the related theory in Botha et al. (2020). (Combine the strategies as discussed in the article with the theory in Botha et al. (2020)).
Answers to Above Questions on Police Management

Answer 1: Organising and delegation are important functions in the context of law enforcement management, as they contribute positively towards overall success of an organisation. Organising is highly important for a number of reasons such as providing clarity of roles and responsibilities, helps in optimisation of resources, provides a basis for sound coordination and communication and helps in adapting to changing requirements.

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