In the context of your own company, critically summarise the key points of the Delta Change Model and the Resource-Based View. Then, highlight the key elements in your company’s business model and evaluate whether the Delta Change Model’s focus on ‘customer bonding’, or the Resource-Based View’s focus on ‘rare and valuable internal resources’, is more relevant to your company, and which
one would give you the best chance of growth in the future.


Critically evaluate your organisation with regard to its vision, mission, and value statements, and assess how these are aligned to the organisation’s strategy and culture. Your answer should consider whether there are areas of improvement regarding its vision, mission, and value statement. Finally, recommend key stakeholders who may be consulted in this process, and justify your recommendations.


Within the context of your company’s organisational strategies, extract several of its most important long-term objectives and critically analyse how these coincide with – or deviate from – the proposed annual objectives for several functional divisions within the company.

Then, critically evaluate the extent to which:

• The annual objectives can be considered in alignment with long-term objectives and offer a reasonable chance of contributing towards their achievement; and
• The annual objectives between each of the functional divisions within your company are logically and symbiotically aligned with one another.

Finally, propose recommendations, with practical examples, for improving the alignment and synergy between the long-term and annual objectives and/or between the annual objectives of various functional divisions within your company.


Conduct an evaluation of your own company’s strategy from about 3 – 5 years ago, following the usual three steps of the strategy evaluation process:
1. Examine the underlying bases of your company’s strategy;
2. Compare your actual results with your expected results; and
3. Take corrective actions to ensure that performance conforms to plans.

Make your “yes / no” decisions clear after each step of the process, as per the flow diagram in your study guide and prescribed text book illustrating strategy review.

If you answer “yes, significant changes have occurred” after either Step 1 (the underlying bases of your company’s strategy) or Step 2 (a comparison between actual and expected results), then make recommendations, with examples, of where and how your company needs to take corrective action(s).

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Answer 1: Delta model is defined as a customer based approach to strategic management. This implies that the focus of this model is on consumer economics and it aims at enhancing the overall relationship of an organisation with its customers. There are three points within the delta model triangle and these are system lock in, best customer solutions and best product. Contrary to this, the resource based view is another important strategic tool that is good that the competitive advantage of a firm is based on its valuable, rare, ine and nonsubstitutable resources.


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