Question 1 (100 Marks)

With the economy opening up in South Africa, many organisations will be looking at the physical health of their employees to decipher whether they are fit to work or not. However, from an organisational psychology perspective, we know that post lockdown there is continuing COVID- 19 challenges, loss and ambiguity that employees face at work and at home.

You are required to interview an employee of your choice, who was employed during Covid – 19, about their experience and the importance of employees’ psychological wellbeing and how to be aware of psychological maladjustment.

The analysis of the interview and your research should include the theory provided by the module however, your creativity, own interview, research and the literature on COVID – 19’s impact on individuals’ psychological health is required. This project is to bring awareness to employers so that employees are able to be productive despite the psychological impact they face as a result of COVID – 19.

1.1 Analyse the interview, summarise and discuss Covid – 19 challenges that were experienced by the employee and the organisation. (40)
1.2 Discuss & advocate reasons to promote psychological health. (20)
1.3 Discuss how only focusing on the physical health after a pandemic will deter employees. (20)
1.4 Conduct research based on articles and literature around psychological health, wellbeing, maladjustment and compare findings to the experiences of the employee that you interviewed regarding Covid – 19’s influence. (20)

Answers to Above Questions on Organisational Psychology

Answer 1:

Covid 19 has affected businesses worldwide in the form of significant challenges to them in meeting the needs of different stakeholders. Employees and the customers are directly affected because of it, and it ultimately affected the organisation at large. In this relation, an interview is conducted in order to analyse the impact of covid-19 on the employee and the organisation.


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